korean steak house

about us

Welcome to your full DIY Korean barbecue dining experience. Our goal is to provide our guest with amazing memories and moments that they won’t find anywhere else. We have Five distinctively designed locations in Georgia, Northern Virginia, and Maryland (with more coming soon!).  We’ve made a dining environment that will allow you to fully enjoying group gatherings to intimate moments and memories they won’t be forgotten.


Our Food & drinks

How it works


Our locations operate on a first come first served basis.  In order to provide the shortest wait time possible, we ask that our guests help us honor a two hour dining time. 

We only take reservations for parties of 8 or more at least 6 hours in advance. Due to the increased number of reservations on the weekends, we will try our best to have your tables ready at the time of the reservation, however, it is not guaranteed. It is important to arrive on time with your entire party present to allow for ample eating time before the next reservation after yours.


At Iron Age we believe in team service so please feel free to ask anyone for help at any time. Don’t be surprised if multiple servers stop by to help you! If there are any concerns regarding our food, including information regarding allergies, cooking times, or recommendations please feel free to ask any of our Iron Age team members.

all you can eat

As this is your D.I.Y experience, our goal is to keep all of your supplies ready and at an arms reach. Don’t hesitate to add your own flair to your experience, we will be close by to help, whether with cooking, making suggestions for your next meat, or by refilling any of our sides or sauces.  And yes our sides are also all you can eat, just place the empty dish on the side of your table and we will refill it.

 When you place an order, please let us know the type of dining experience you would like to have.  Depending on if you are feeling adventurous and would like to try a bit of everything or you would like to stick with what you love, it will help us guide you through your experience with portioning and prioritizing meat selections.